Video Setup

ISOfifty is about to have it’s first In-Person meetup!

If you would like to participate, but won’t be able to make it in person, we will be running a video feed of all the live presentations.

In order to minimize technical difficulties, please use the following test video below to ensure your computer is capable of viewing the RTSP H.264 video feed.

[QUICKTIME rtsp:// 380 480]

If you are having difficulty viewing the stream, your Firewall may not be forwarding RTSP’s UDP packets. Fortunately, you can set your computer to stream over TCP Port 80, which will penetrate any firewall.

Apple > System Prefs > QuickTime

Windows…Start > Control Panel > QuickTime

1) Click on “Advaned” Tab
2) Drop down the box labeled “Transport Setup” and choose Custom…
3) For Transport Protocol, choose HTTP, click OK