ISOfifty began in 2007 as a forum for photographers from similar and diverse backgrounds, brought together to express the world in a new light.

Camilo Arevalo founded ISOfifty in Orlando, Florida. Shortly thereafter Paul B. Gardner joined the fray, and today the organization contains 12 members and is situated nationwide in metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Daytona, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Boston.

We believe in connecting photographers to businesses, organizations, and other photographers. By uniting photographers, we enjoy and foster a rich community where members can share techniques through classes, experiences through safaris, and always have a good time. By upholding these values, we realize a vision to create the highest quality images imaginable for ourselves and our clients.

Our list of clients includes: Wind Surfing Magazine, Astronomy.com, Kiteboarding Magazine, WindSport, Standup Journal, Michael Shank Racing, Carnegie Institution for Science, Elad Properties, groundbreakmarketing.com, British Petroleum, Waiora Group, Rally Manufacturing, focus360.com, Digital Ally, Miss Brasil USA, Nova Southeastern University, and others.