Punta San Carlos, Mexico

September 12th, 2007 by paulgardner

Two weekends ago I went down to Punta San Carlos on the surf adventure of a lifetime. My buddy and I were camped out right on a small cliff on the beach and surfed and windsurfed everyday right outside our tent door. The scenery down there was absolutely amazing. I had planned on taking a lot of photos over the five days I was there. I ended up taking maybe 1000 photos, which for me on a 5 day trip to another country is nothing. I was so relaxed down there that I didn’t even feel like picking up the camera. I did manage to take a few shots and made sure the ones I took were good. Here are three panoramics that I managed to take.





4 Responses to “Punta San Carlos, Mexico”

  1. Drogheda Says:

    Paul, I am absolutely in love with the 3rd image, the sunset. That blue is so warm and inviting for being a “cool” color. The reflection of the sun is nicely captured, as well.

  2. natelust Says:

    Yes indeed the third is my favorite too!

  3. forrestegan Says:

    Nice job, Paul!

    You and Camilo inspired me with these recent panos…I just installed PTA today and think I’m gonna try a few…been a while since I did one.

  4. Ed Says:

    Bravo man! As always, you take amazing scenic panos. That third one is really beautiful.

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