GoPro Hero2 Product Shot

December 3rd, 2012 by Ken Thorne


So there hasn’t been a post in a REALLY long time.  I thought I’d throw this image up as a learning experience (quick tutorial) for anyone who is  interested in the lighting setup for how to get a shot like this.  I was really bored and decided to attempt a product shot with whatever materials I found sitting on my desk at the time I was working on my computer.  Honestly, this shot didn’t take long to do and it was a learning experience for me.  I think it turned out not too bad considering it was my first real attempt at a product shot.  Comments/suggestions are appreciated.

So let’s get into how this image was created.  Total time to setup, shoot, and edit was maybe 15-20 min.  Camera equipment includes a Canon40D dSLR, Canon 50mm f1.4 lens, and SLIK 504OFII Tripod.  Settings were ISO100, F2.5, 1/8th sec on Manual Mode, Spot Metering.  Lighting includes a laptop computer and LED flashlight.

The GoPro is sitting on the keyboard of my laptop with the screen to the left side of the image.  I simply opened Microsoft Word to a blank white screen as my key light.  I covered the keyboard and background with a black t-shirt to obtain the low key mood for the shot.  The LED separation light was placed around 18 inches behind the GoPro and aimed straight at the camera.

That’s basically all it took, with a few adjustments in Lightroom in order to get the camera to pop a bit more (some contrast and clarity, and some shadow levels adjustments).  I also added a slight gradient to the top part of the image to reduce the distracting reflections in the background.  I probably could have spent a bit more time on this but I think it adds a bit of interest to the background.  The green light in the foreground is lens flare believe it or not and I liked the element of color it added to the final result, so I left it in.

That’s pretty much it.  A product shot from your desk in about 15 minutes.  No studio or expensive equipment required.  Let me know what you think.


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