Nantes, France

October 10th, 2011 by natelust

So its been a very long time since my last post but here goes. I recently spent a week at a conference in Nantes France, quite a beautiful city. Though the city has been around for quite some time, and there certainly is historic architecture, it is also a city very much alive today. With these shots I tried to capture both the classic and modern feel.  For the photos I used my tokina 11-17 for most of the shots as I enjoy the feeling of expanse it conveys. I also made use of HDR for about half the shots as it helped capture the full range that could be seen by eye. With this said I used the most conservative processing to avoid the “oil painting” look, and just compress the dynamic range.



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  1. Camilo Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to see an e-mail from the ISOfifty notification system. How was the conference? I really like your composition and subject matter. I also enjoyed the fact that you contrasted the classical with the modern. However, I would love to see the non-HDR versions. I see a softening effect in the photos. Was the alignment off or shot handheld? What was your process for shooting and processing the images.

  2. natelust Says:

    The conference was really really good, one of the best I have been too. The shots were hand held, but I added a bit of softness into the images myself, trying to give it a bit more ethereal feel. I can go back and edit again with out that effect. As for work flow, when shooting I really tried to not go shutter happy, and take as few shots as I could but up my good to bad shot ratio. My processing was done using all open source software, picturenaut for the HDR stacking, and Darktable (a fantastic open source program on par, or better in some areas than lightroom) My major goal with the processing was to emphasis the textures and the “feeling” of the age of things.

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