A different, or typical christmas.

December 29th, 2009 by Tom Laveuf

I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas. =) and that you had it just as you had hoped.

I spent christmas eve, and the weekend that follows it in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Not the greatest snowboarding by any stretch of the term, but family time in the snow is always extra special. =)

We got hit by a bad ice storm, trees and huge branches down everywhere, everything covered in ice. 20 degrees at night..no power for 2 days, twas interesting to say the least. I had never experienced anything like it. I did however feel inspired by the scenery so towards the end of the storm, when it was just drizzling and still looked bad enough, i took my very brave Canon friend and went walking. here is what i got. =)

House Nextdoor img_1929 img_2025 img_2029 img_2032 img_2035 img_2039 img_2040 img_2076 img_2095 img_2112 img_2149img_2168 img_2527 img_2609

Beech Mountain, Trip

3 Responses to “A different, or typical christmas.”

  1. John Catignas Says:

    For a person that’s never felt snow, its quite a site. Did your 5D act up in that temp?

  2. Ken Thorne Says:

    Hey Tom, that looks damn cold… and I live in Canada. That said, Edmonton Alberta hit -40 the other week. How did you get the last shot with the snowflake? Cropped? It’s interesting.

  3. edhebel Says:

    I’ve seen this kind of storm before and it definitely is quite a sight. So much ice accumulates on tree branches that the the branches fall off the trees. And oh, I love the way everything looks encapsulated in ice. Thanks for sharing.

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