Hi vs Lo

August 17th, 2009 by paulgardner

Here is a comparison of a high ISO night shot and a low ISO night shot.

Shot 1: Nikon D3, 24mm, f/5, ISO 25,600…..yes 25,600 HI+2 on the D3, 10 seconds

Shot 2: Nikon D3, 24mm, f/6.3, ISO 400, 30 minutes

ISO 25,600ISO 400

I typically use the high ISO with the short exposures for framing and focus at night. Up in the woods like this there is so little light that you usually cant see what you are shooting. The big thing to remember is to reset the ISO once you have framed. I have made that mistake more than once, it really ruins the night when you waste an hour on a single shot.


2 Responses to “Hi vs Lo”

  1. Ken Thorne Says:

    Great comparison. Thanks for the quick tutorial, I was wondering the best way to focus at night and will give this a try. Tried some night panos the other day and will post soon.

  2. paulgardner Says:

    I use it to CHECK focus. For a night shot I manually focus the lens on the infinity mark to start. that gets the stars nice and sharp. Depending on the scene and how much foreground there is I adjust accordingly.

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