Going Avian

May 15th, 2009 by Eric Hernandez

Hello everyone! I’m extremely new to the site so I thought that my first post should be of my favorite subject to shoot. My weapon of choice is a Nikon D60 with various lenses and a Nikon Speedlight SB-600 if the situation calls for it. When shooting these guys I’ve just about given up trying to situate a tripod for every shot. It seems as though as soon as I get the tripod right, the bird moves to an impossible location. So, I’ve resorted to free shooting these and using tree stumps, rocks, etc. to stabilize the camera. Here are some of my bird shots. I am excited about meeting and getting to know all of you!

dsc_2430 embarrassed-macaw male-wood-duck dsc_2348dsc_2438dsc_0850100_5148100_4079greenwing resting-ibis


3 Responses to “Going Avian”

  1. Rafael Robayna Says:

    Welcome to the group Eric. Very nice shots. Great detail, color and composition on the scarlet macaw in #9. I also really like #5 and #1. Beautiful birds. Were these taken at a zoo?

  2. Eric Hernandez Says:

    Hi Rafael. Thank you! These were taken at various place. The cattle egret, wood stork, and white ibis were taken in the Everglades. The macaws and pics 1 and 5 were taken at a couple different zoos and wildlife parks. And the peacock and wood ducks were taken at a city park in Davie, FL.

  3. edhebel Says:

    Thanks for posting.
    I agree that birds are definitely a good challenge to shoot. Especially when the bird goes from tree to tree and the lighting changes constantly.

    A word of constructive criticism: shots 8&9 chop off the birds’ beaks, which is not pleasant (to me at least) since the shots are of the birds’ heads and the beaks are a major feature of the heads.

    Good work.

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